Service Guarantee
1.Product Quality
Materials: We have worked in this industry for many years and have built a comprehensive range of reliable suppliers.We have access to a vast range of both domestic and imported materials and constantly vet our suppliers and their products to ensure quality.
Equipment: All our equipment whether domestic or imported is the highest quality from abundant brands.We can ensure tolerances are controlled the best whether manufacturing via SLA or CNC.
QC: XingHe Prototype can provide comprehensive quality control on all of our projects. From our suppliers to our equipment and production every stage is rigorously QC checked. We follow strict quality procedures to ensure all the parts and assemblies we manufacture are produced to the appropriate standard.Our highly trained QC team utilise the highest quality domestic and imported equipment to ensure your products are right first time to saving your time, money and stress.Additionally we are able to provide full material traceability backed up with supplier certificates of conformity and if required complete Initial Sample Inspection Reports.

2.Lead Times
Powerful Computer systems: Our production line and delivery are controlled by an exclusively designed specialized prototype computer program. Individual to us this ensure at every step of the production progress everyone concerned has has the access to the information they need to ensure there are no hold ups along route .
Equipment: Larger and more versatile than many other factories in Asia, our massive bank of equipment and highly trained staff ensure that delivery times a kept short.

Data control: 24 hour computer monitoring systems ensure all data is protected from cyber crime. 24 hour security on site sure the same all physical data.
Visitor control: All visitors are tightly controlled and monitored to ensure sensitive data is viewed by only those who should see it.
Non-disclosure: Fully comprehensive technical and appearance non-disclosure agreements protected under Chinese and Hong Kong law.

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