Surface Finishing
At XingHe Prototype,we can provide a variety of excellent and professional surface finishing to enhancing the appearance or capabilities of the rapid prototypes that are produced.Whether you prefer your rapid prototypes to have only basic support polishing and sanding, or full custom paint and decoration to simulate the appearance of a production part, we can accommodate your requests with our wide range of finishing options.
We can match Pantone and RAL colour standards and can provide Mold-Tech on metal and plastic parts.Whether for visual or functional requirements,we have a massive network of specialist partners able to provide any production surface treatments on plastic and metal prototype parts,our team has the talent and passion for projects that require this higher level of attention.

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•Anodizing/Hard Anodizing
•Silk Screening
•Nickel Plating
•Gold Plating
•Chrome Plating
•Heat treatment
•Laser Engraving
•Electroless Nickel Plating
•Black Oxide
•Pad Printing
•High Polish
•Vapor Polishing
•Sand Blasting
•UV coating
•Powder Coating

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