Rapid Prototyping SLA & SLS
3D Printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.There are different 3D printing technologies and materials you can print with, but all are based on the same principle: a digital model is turned into a solid three-dimensional physical object by adding material layer by layer.

SLA: Stereolithography (SLA) create 3D printed objects from a liquid (photopolymer) resin by using a light source to solidify the liquid material.SLA printers produce highly accurate parts with smooth surface finishes and are commonly used for highly detailed sculptures, jewelry molds, and prototypes.We can using SLA rapid prototyping to take your idea from Concept Design to complex Solid Model in a matter of hours, SLA is excellent for rapid digital manufacturing of small electronics, appliances, and medical devices.Liquid resin selectively cured by light,most used for high-detaild prototyping,sulptures and jewelry.SLA is the heart of rapid prototyping service, turning your 3D CAD drawing into a solid object. Most stereolithography prototyping can be completed in as little as 1 to 2 days, with larger projects typically completed in under 5 days.

SLS: Selective Laser Sintering uses a laser to melt and solidify layers of powdered material into finished objects.SLS can produce parts from a relatively wide range of commercially available powder materials. Materials include various plastics such as polyamides (nylon), polystyrenes and thermoplastic elastomers.SLS is widely used for producing functional ,durable prototypes and parts as well as end user parts. XingHe Prototype can offer fast and accurate SLS prototyping technology producing efficient parts quickly and cheaply. This kind of prototypes need little post process finishing and are suitable for a wide range of applications.High srength laser sintered plastics,suitable for functional prototypes and parts with complex design.The truly functional nature of the SLS prototype enables product validation testing and product certification.

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